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Yu-An has an expert team of multilingual and qualified professionals.  Individuals and their families, entrepreneurs and business groups will find the answer for all of their needs.

At Yu-An, giving clients a full range of service with all the firm’s efforts and dedication is our core value. This translates to prompt and effective responses to any questions. We therefore consider our service to be the most comprehensive benefit that clients can receive.

Moving to a new country is an emotional experience: living in a new environment, adjusting to its culture, meeting people and enjoying new projects, etc. But this change also involves resolving problems and carrying out a series of administrative tasks and processes which are unfamiliar to clients. At Yu-An, we believe that it is a significant event and would like to accompany our clients step by step during the initial period of adaptation.

By offering impeccable professional and customized services through its experience, Yu-An is able to satisfy any of their clients’ needs, to anticipate any potential mishaps and to resolve them efficiently. Because our team of professionals knows that unpredictable factors and situations may arise, we are able to respond to new challenges with creative solutions, a personal focus, absolute confidentiality and no language barriers.

Our range of resettlement and relocation services goes over and above simple assistance in the language of the newcomer. Our expert advice and quick response not only allow our clients to feel protected in their new home by providing them support and peace of mind, but also enable them to discover a world of personal enrichment, led by an skilled team with extensive experience on the subject.

Our resettlement and relocation services include, among others:

  1. Search for temporary or permanent housing.
  2. Management of rental agreements, insurance policies, other documents.
  3. Management of utilities registration: electricity, gas, telephone, TV, Internet, etc.
  4. Contracting home maintenance services.
  5. Validation of driving licenses.
  6. Importing vehicles due to relocation, including their accreditation and registration.
  7. Search and contracting of car, medical, life, school insurance, etc.
  8. Opening bank accounts.
  9. Assistance in enrolling children at school: information, preparation of documents, accompaniment, translations.
  10. Universities and other specific studies in and out of Andorra.

In fact, we help our clients with regard to all property issues that could arise in the future:

  1. Property purchase. We have our own property portfolio and also collaborate with the best real estate professionals in the country.
  2. Property management. Accounting, financial, tax and legal advice.
  3. Property rental. Management of rental agreements.

In addition, we also manage all kinds of operations relating to vehicles, vessels and aircraft:

  1. Validation, imports and registration of vehicles.
  2. Processing tourist registration of vehicles.
  3. Registration of vessels and aircraft.

Yu-An is aware that Andorra has been changing in the financial domain in order to cooperate closely with international economic organizations.  This therefore turned the Andorran concept into the standard of its own message, which consists of demonstrating to the world the unrivalled benefits of the country’s new economic and tax model, making Andorra unique in Europe.
Yu-An opens proudly the door of its country and welcomes you to Andorra!