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Triple education system

Why Andorra?

A triple education system


triple education system andorraAndorra has three education systems the main advantage of which lies in having the possibility of being proficient in up to four languages​​: Catalan, French, Spanish and English. The wide variety of curricular resources along with the country’s high levels of security, make Andorra an ideal site for children’s education. Upon completion of basic studies, recent graduates can study higher education approved by the Unit of European Higher Education at centres such as the University of Andorra and the University of Les Valls.

The Andorran education system

triple education system andorra 2The Andorran education system or “Andorran School“, as the vertical line of education in Andorra, guarantees the unity of the education process. It is based on the rights, freedoms and principles set out in the Constitution and the Education Law, and follows the European guidelines on education matters. This system provides the learning of other languages ​​such as English, French and Spanish.

The Spanish education system

The government of Spain coordinates, under a Spanish-Andorran Convention, the activities of 9 centres in Andorra: 4 schools and one high school, three schools with religious affiliation and one public school. This system promotes the Spanish language and culture, without prejudice to learning other languages ​​such as English, French and Catalan.

The French education system

A total of 13 centres provide a coordinated model of education by the French Republic: 3 nursery schools, 9 primary schools and one secondary school which host 34% of the resident student population, including almost all French students, representing 11% of 3,700 students.


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For further information on education in Andorra, please visit the following link www.educacio.ad on the Government of Andorra website