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Why Andorra?

Andorra is a small country of 80,000 inhabitants located in the heart of Europe between France and Spain. As a result of its political stability, its attractive tax environment and high standard of living and its location in comfortable natural surroundings, a large number of citizens of different countries are applying for residency permits for themselves and their families.


Its consolidation as a location with great tax advantages for businesses gives it an additional attraction to come and reside in the country, set up a company and work from Andorra. A public administration close to the entrepreneur and citizens is another added value to consider, being this possible due to the small size of the country.

Its high standard of living is the result of an excellent political management, resulting in the fact of Andorra being the second country in the world with the highest public security, with a high solvency rate and banking security and good health and education systems.

GDP per capita Andorra in Euros (current prices)
GDP per capita

The Andorra of the future is projected through the prism of a fast economic recovery in comparison with its neighbouring countries as a result of the important changes undergone in the country’s economic framework and its dynamism, the government’s non-interventionist and flexible position, and its policy of internationalization.
The high purchasing power of residents in Andorra is a result of its low direct and indirect taxation. Being a resident in Andorra entails other benefits such as those arising from the acquisition of tangible assets abroad through the recovery of indirect foreign tax paid on the purchase of such property.

Why Andorra? HandsThe purchase of real state, a car or other luxury items complement the package of tax saving generated as a result of a low taxation, benefiting from the differential between IGI (4.5 %) and the VAT (around 20%) of other countries.
The following pages describe in more detail the triple advantage represented by having a high quality of life, a competitive taxation and a diversified and multilingual education.

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