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Types of residency in Andorra

The new immigration law provides several options of residencies with and without work permit. It is necessary to understand the objectives and concerns of the person when advising an adequate type of residency. The two options that are better suited to fit the needs of medium level individuals who wish to optimize their tax benefits are non-profit residency permit and the residency and self-employment permit (active residency permit). In both cases, it is possible and very common to simultaneously incorporate a company with the aim of:

  • Managing international businesses from Andorra.
  • Tax optimization on local and international income.

Details on both types of residencies

Non-profit residency consists in obtaining a residency without a right to work in Andorra for the holder of the permit and his family (spouse and dependent children). However, the non-profit resident may, if desired, set up a company in the country to manage investments and assets abroad.

The residency and self-employment permit involves setting up a company in Andorra and being appointed director or member of the board. The other option is to purchase shares in an existing company.

Family reunification

A common concern for future residents is family reunification options for their spouse and children. Augé Grup has the necessary experience, mechanisms and solutions to solve matters of this nature, already applied successfully to other residents.