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Inheritance planning in Andorra

The benefits of establishing a tax residency in Andorra also apply to inheritance planning involving assets and rights held in Andorra and abroad. The big attraction is the absence of inheritance and gift tax so that the property transfer by way of inheritance (mortis causa) between two Andorran residents is exempt from tax.

Inheritance planning is very important when planning a change of residency of a person, but also of the spouse, children and dependents in general. The combination of family reunification and inheritance planning entails significant long-term tax savings for the heirs and an optimal protection and conservation of the family’s wealth.

This contribution to the protection of family assets not only results from the absence of inheritance and gift tax, but also from the absence of net wealth tax and real estate tax.

Augé Grup offers advice not only in the process of change of residency of the interested party, spouse and dependents but also in their inheritance planning.