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Case study 3: Elite sportsperson


  • Elite sportsperson requiring regular training in high altitude conditions and competition climate.
  • Desire to maximize high value economic returns.






Proposal Businessess

Name exploitation rights:

  • Registration of the person’s name as a trademark
  • Incorporation of an LLP to manage the exploitation of the trademark and image rights from Andorra.
  • Management of income from salary, prizes and sponsors from Andorra through a wealth management company or SICAV.
  • Creation of own sport centre.


  • Company: effective rate of 2% under Corporate Taxation
  • Assets management: minimal costs.
  • SICAV: effective rate between 0,75% and 1%.

Proposal Individuals

  • Residency permit under the scientific, cultural and sporting purposes regime. This residency will allow traveling abroad to compete, as it only requires an effective residence in the country of 90 days.
  • Contact with sport and physical therapy centres to monitor athletic goals.


  • Income tax: nominal maximum rate of 10%.
  • Dividends from an Andorran company to an Andorran resident taxed at 0%
  • Natural environment and facilities for elite training.
  • Creation of an elite training centre as a future possibility.