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Case study 2: Researcher


  • Renowned researcher in the technology sector + wife (teacher) + children aged 4 and 2.
  • Interested in optimizing exploitation of his patent.
  • He has available cash in Switzerland and Luxembourg generated by the activity.




Proposal Businessess

  • Company (LLP or PLC): exploitation of the patent.
  • Advice and support in finding investors and potential partners.
  • Study of the feasibility and development of an own brand.
  • Transfer of money to Andorra through a wealth management company or SICAV.


  • Company: effective rate of 2% under Corporate Taxation
  • Wealth management: minimal costs.
  • SICAV: effective rate between 0.75% and 1%.
  • Transfer of funds from Switzerland and Luxembourg is easier than in other countries

Proposal Individuals

  • Family man: residency and self-employment permit.
  • Wife: three alternatives;
    • Residency and self-employment permit if appointed to the board of the new company being set up.
    • Residency without work permit on the basis of family reunification.
    • Development of her profession as a teacher in Andorra: Residency and self-employment or employment permit (possibility of setting up an English school).
    • Children: schooling in Andorra as dependent children under one of the three education systems, becoming proficient in Spanish, French, Catalan and English. Extracurricular activities in winter and summer.


  • Income Tax: nominal maximum rate of 10%.
  • Dividends from an Andorran company to an Andorran resident taxed at 0%
  • Education: natural surroundings and safe location; use of up to four languages​​.