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Case study 1: Entrepreneur



  • Entrepreneur + wife + son working with father + daughter studying abroad.
  • International trading business.
  • Money in bank accounts in USA and Bahamas.






Proposal Businessess

System of two companies:

SL Company (equivalent to LLP): Head Office of group in Europe. Trading activity.

Holding company: owns the SL. Activity of equity investments in southern Europe.

Transfer of money to Andorra via:

  • Wealth management company under collaboration regime
  • Creation of SICAV.


  • Company LLP: effective rate of 2% under Corporate Taxation
  • Holding: 0% taxation
  • Wealth management: minimum costs.
  • SICAV: effective rate between 0.75% and 1%.

Proposal Individuals

  • Family man: residency and self-employment permit
  • Wife: two alternatives;
  • Residency and self-employment permit if appointed to the board of the new company being set up.
  • Residency without work permit on the basis of family reunification.
  • Son: Future option residency without work permit as an employee of the Andorran company abroad.
  • Daughter: adaptation of her future status after completion of studies.


  • Income tax: nominal maximum rate of 10%.
  • Dividends from an Andorran company to an Andorran resident taxed at 0%