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Andorra has recently undergone and the benefits involved when setting up a business, even if only partially, in Andorra.

The recent changes that have reformed the tax and immigration frameworks along with the general economic opening endorsed by the OCDE, complete the process towards complying with all the required conditions that will turn Andorra into an important international business centre in the near future.

The attractiveness of Andorra lies not only in the new tax framework which is very competitive at an international level. The openness of its economic framework and the liberalization of foreign investments offer investors great opportunities at both an individual and corporate level. Furthermore, the country counts on a strong financial system, it is near countries such as Spain and France and holds a privileged security level. It is after all, a European country with a stable economy allowing families to enjoy a high quality of life.

The team at Yu-An Corporation has the pleasure of presenting you with this document and remains at your entire disposal to advice and promote your initiatives at a national and international level taking advantage of this excellent investment platform called Andorra.