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Case study 3: Elite medical centre

  • A development group of a preventive diagnosis private medical centre is analyzing the possibility of setting up its centre in Andorra, a center intended for high net worth individuals.
  • An international medical group is interested in taking over the management and technical development of this centre.
  • An Andorran group which owns an manages an important exclusive hotel is interested in participating by contributing part of its infrastructure to host the project.
  • The development group is searching for investors.


Advantages for the development group

Being a pioneer project in Andorra, the development group is likely to have low competition in a sector with a growing potential market. The profile of the target customer is very consistent with the profile of people that visit Andorra, either for a short or a long stay. In this sense, medical diagnosis adds to the other many reasons to set foot in the Principality of Andorra.

Advantages for the medical group

Contact of the medical group with a wide range of customers from different nationalities. Very low competition in this particular sector.

These facts contribute to the medical centre’s international reputation benefiting individual careers as well as the project itself.

Benefits for the hotel group

By participating in this project, the hotel group can optimize the use of its infrastructures by providing its know-how in the world of luxury accommodation. This kind of non monetary contribution as a partner in the project allows it to obtain a significant return from high profile clients.