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Case study 1: Company producer of control panels for boats

  • American manufacturer of control panels for ships and oil platforms.
  • Factories in Chicago and New Delhi.
  • Offices in Chicago, New Delhi, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Johannesburg.
  • Sales through independent distributors in over 25 countries worldwide.

Short-term proposal

Incorporation of a distribution company in Andorra to absorb some or all of the distribution process managed by independent companies. Thus the product will in many cases be able to be delivered directly from the factory to final customers; the company will continue to rely on independent distribution companies in those cases where distribution requires a local partner due to the complexity of market access. This set up will allow a fiscal optimization of the profits gained by the Andorran distribution company under the trading regime, 80% reduction applied on the company’s tax base resulting in a 2% effective rate.

Medium and long-term proposal

As the group’s activity increases and becomes more complex, a restructuring of its administrative structure should be considered. To this effect, the possibility of creating a European division with its headquarters in Andorra should be analyzed. The new structure will allow a more effective management of all the group’s activity in Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean area, thus creating new synergies and business opportunities. The proximity of Andorra to the future Mediterranean corridor and the main ports of occidental Europe makes it an interesting option in the future.